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Changes to your Name, Address, or Birth Certificate etc
Numerology can help you with choosing the best personal or business name, house or business number, incorporation date for your business, toll-free 800/888/877 numbers, domain names, or email addresses.

The Number on your House:
Contact City of Edmonton Planning & Development. 2nd floor, MetroNet Tower, 10250 101st, Edmonton. Phone: 496-3100
Fee: $321.00

An application form must be made in writing.

Your Name:
Alberta Vital Statistics Information; phone: 780-422-7013 or 780-422-7330

Forms are available at any local Registry Office (try Abbey Road Regries at www.abbeyroadreg.com, and more information is at Government Services

Fees for a legal change of name in Alberta is now approx $180.00 in total and since privatization takes up to 3 months (it used to take a couple of weeks).

Birth Certificate:

If you wish a birth certificate changed the Govt. Fee is $20.00 plus a service charge.

Domain Name or Email Address:
You may also wish to change or acquire a domain name
(eg. www.triune-being.com) or email address (eg. colin@triune-being.com)

For Government of Alberta forms: www.gov.ab.ca/gs/

Toll-Free Phone Numbers (800/888/877): A list of 7 letter words is available to help you choose the right toll-free number (eg 1-888-Numbers). Call Colin Maxwell for more information.

When you are prepared to give up everything you know to be true, then truth will come to you.    -    Colin Maxwell
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