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The 2016 presidential election is just a few weeks away. There are 4 candidates but the race appears to be between Hillary Clinton (birthdate: Oct 26th, 1947) and Donald Trump (birthdate: June 14, 1946). Clinton is in a 1 cycle year this year and Trump is in a 3 cycle year. The winner judging by the cycle will be Clinton. It is a new beginning for her although she has not really capitalized on that, campaigning more as the status quo candidate rather than the candidate of change, Trump has garnered those supporters. Trump is in the latter part of the 3 cycle year so although he has been expremely 'lucky' so far, expect some major disappointments including a loss at the polls. The video/audio tape of his crude "locker room" comments regarding women may have made a knock out blow in favour of Clinton already.

The USA is also in a 3 cycle year, so regardless of the vote any new president will take office next year in a 4 cycle test year. This does not bode well for either the USA or the world.


The world is in a 7 cycle year in 2013. Watch for world wide instability the

first half of the year with some positive signs in the second half especially

regarding the world economies.


September 2010 - The world is in a test (4) cycle year in 2010 and amidst worries over a second recession worldwide is the added stress of unusually severe weather conditions worldwide as well as severe earthquake activity.

eg: earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, New Zealand. Floods in Pakistan inundating a quarter of the country, also in China which has had torrential downpours causing mudslides. Oppressive heat and forest fires burning throughout Russia. Some of this has been linked to global warming, the decade from 2000 to 2009 being the warmest on record. A warmer atmosphere enables more water to evaporate, increasing the chance of torrential downpours etc. A giant iceberg in Greenland also split apart a month ago.


June 25, 2009 - Michael Jackson dies at age 50 of cardiac arrest. Born Aug 29, 1958 in Gary, Indiana - Inner Potential Number 6, and cycle year 4 in 2009. Jackson died in his 'test' year, an indication that he was unable to overcome the weaknesses in his life.


November 4, 2008 - The United States has a new President-Elect Barack Obama. He is in a 5 cycle year this year which is relative to change and that is certainly what he emphasized and what the US obviously wanted. He beat Senator John McCain by a large margin of the electoral college vote. Senator McCain is in his 3 cycle year and as predicted below would not beat Obama (or Clinton for that matter) in the Presidential election held today.

October 14, 2008 - Canada voted today, and voted for status quo in the Canadian Parliament. There will be another minority Conservative government headed by Stephen Harper once again. The per cent of the popular vote that each party obtained stayed almost the same, although it translated to a number of new seats for the Conservatives and NDP. The Liberals under Stéphane Dion dropped the popular vote by just 1% but lost 21 seats. Stéphane Dion's reign as Liberal leader is now in doubt. Paradoxically the Green Party, the smallest of the parties, increased the popular vote the most (Elizabeth May was in the strongest cycle) but lost their only seat.

October 6, 2008 - World wide stock market meltdown. Major stock markets worldwide dropped 5% to 20% today. At one point Canada's TSE dropped 1200 points before rebounding to a 572 point drop by the close of trading. Year to date stocks have dropped up to 50% worldwide. Oil prices also dropped to USD$89 from their peak of over $150 earlier this year. All the major economic crashes of the last 100 years have occured when either the USA or the World has been in a 4 cycle year. This year 2008 the USA is in it's 4 cycle year.

October 1, 2008 - Bush's 700 billion dollar bailout package approved by Congress. The US is in the midst of the worst economic crises since the Great Depression of 1929. This money will go to banks to buy out bad investments resutlting from the sub prime mortgage crises earlier this year which has brought down the once mighty Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac, amongst others. This is definately a test year for the USA.

October, 2008 - In the USA, which is in its test year (4 cycle year), the economy is going from bad to worse. Levels of Government, personal, and corporate debt are at an all time high. The US is living beyond its means. House prices have collapsed, credit has dried up, the dollar has been in a free fall, and the US government under George Bush is looking like a Socialist one instead of a Capitalist one bailing out anything in sight.

Sept, 2008 - Obama is now the Democratic nominee for President and McCain the Republican nominee. Obama has chosen Joe Biden (born November 20, 1942) as his running mate for VP and McCain has chosen Sarah Palin (born Feb 11 1942). For those of you interested enough, one vibration (number) is taking over presidential politics. Ronald Regan and subsequently Bill Clinton started this trend. The change is taking place due to the increased media scrutiny and availability 24 hours a day, as well as the fundamental nature and demands of democracy.

Sept, 2008 - Canada's conservative prime minister Stephen Harper (born April 30, 1959, 9 cycle year in 2008) announces that the election will take place Oct 14th, 2008. He is hoping to make his minority government a majority one. Stéphane Dion (liberal leader, born Sept 28, 1955, 3 cycle year in 2008), Jack Layton (NDP leader, born July 18, 1950, 9 cycle year in 2008), Gilles Duceppe (Bloc Quebecois leader, born July 22, 1947, 4 cycle year), and Elizabeth May (Green Party leader, born June 9, 1954, 8 cycle year in 2008) all wish to thwart him in that objective.

June 3rd, 2008 - The race finally appears to be over. The last 2 states have voted and now Obama has enough votes to be the Democratic candidate for President although Clinton has yet to concede! I said it was going to be close (see below) but who would have though it would have come to this.

Is the USA ready for a black President? Numerology is on Obama's side. Let's see what happens in November.

March 17th, 2008 - The US Presidential race: It appears that John McCain (Aug 29, 1936) is going to be a shoe-in for the republicans. His is in his 3 cycle year, which is very fortunate up until mid year, then expect some reversals of fortune after. He will not be in a good cycle when he runs against one or both of the current democratic front runners, Hillary Clinton (Oct 26, 1947) and Barack Obama.(Aug 4, 1961). Hillary is in a 2 cycle year, a somewhat perfect year to garner public support and Barack is in his 5 cycle year, a great year for promoting change, which seems to have taken hold of the American public, tired of the current two political dynasties of the last 20 years or so. Both democratic contenders are in a strong position to win the nomination of their party and to beat John McCain later this year, if he indeed becomes the republican candidate.

March 16th, 2008 - The United States (July 4th, 1776) is in its' 4 cycle year in 2008. This is the test year where weaknesses will be exposed in all areas. The economy by many accounts is already in recession. Expect more problems and weaknesses to be exposed the rest of the year. The housing market has gone into reverse, major wall street firms are close to collapse, and the dollar is at an all time low against many other currencies. Economoc problems aside, the US also has to deal with the fall out of a badly mismanaged war in Iraq. The projected total cost of this war has been estimated at 1.75 trillion dollars.


July 7th, 2007 - 7/7/07 What does it mean? Is it fortunate or not? See the City TV (Edmonton) interview with Colin Maxwell on Friday 6th July, 2007 at 6:30pm and 11pm.


November 7th, 2006 - President George Bush (his 4 cycle test year this year 2006) and the Republican Party get 2 black eyes at the US mid term elections. Both the Senate and the House are lost to the democrats. The failure of the war in Iraq is seen as one of the main reason for the defeat, especially the growing casualties of US soldiers and what would appear to be a looming all out civil war in Iraq. The recent ineptitude over the New Orleans flood disaster also contributed to the loss.

It is apparant that this year 2006 (his test year), that the weaknesses of the policies of President George Bush have manifested themselves. Everyone in a test year (4 cycle year) take note! Life will reveal your weaknesses if you are not on track.

September 2006 - Felipe Calderón (b. 18 August 1962) is pronounced President-Elect of Mexico after a bitterly fought campaign against his main rival Andrés Manuel López Obrador (b. 11 November 1953). This election campaign has split Mexico down the middle, with Calderón winning by less than half a percent of the popular vote. Calderón , the winner is in an 8 cycle (reward year) this year, and the runner up Obrador is in his 4 cycle (test year).

July 2006 - Israel and Lebanon (Hezbullah) have been at war for a whole month. 15 years of redevelopment after the civil war has put Lebanon back to square one. Israel's attempt to stop rocket attacks from southern Lebanon by attacking and invading Lebanon has so far failed, as more rockets than ever have rained down upon northern Israel.

The world is in a 9 cycle year (endings) and both Israel and the US (Israel's main supporter) are both in a 2 cycle year, but a test month (4 cycle). As it is a 9 cycle year for the world, rather than ending the violence in the region, this is likely to stimulate more for another 9 years!

January 23, 2006 - election day: Paul Martin (born Aug 28, 1938, IP#3), Prime Minister of Canada resigns after loosing the election. This is his 9 cycle year, and of course a time to end things not begin them. He was also in the test month period (Jan 18 to Feb 28th). Stephen Harper (born April 30, 1959 - IP#4) now becomes Canada's new Prime Minister but leading a government with a slim minority, only 123 of 308 seats. Harper is in his 7 cycle year, but in an 8 cycle month.


December 2005: Martha Stewart (born August 3, 1941, Inner Potential Number 8) has been out of jail for a few months now and is continuing with her career. She certainly has had her dramatic ups and downs. Her name is a 5 vibration, so it is not suprising. She also went to jail last year 2004, which was her 9 cycle year (endings and losses). Her company lost hundreds of millions of dollars during this period.

November 2005: Apple introduces a new video 'IPOD' continuing the success of the music, and, picture ipod's. IPOD is an 8 vibration name and Apples units dominate this market, outselling all other kinds combined.

October 2005: The relatively new artificial sweetener 'SPLENDA' now outsells all other aspartame and sacharine based sweeteners combined. SPLENDA is an 8 vibration name.

April 19, 2005: A New Pope! The College of Cardinals of the Catholic Church have elected, on the fourth ballot, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of Germany (born April 16, 1927) as the new Pope. He takes on the name Pope Benedict XVI (16th). Ratzinger is in a 1 cycle year in 2005 (and in an 8 cycle month in April), so a good time to start his ministry as Pope. His inner potential number is 3. Expect him to be a very vocal Pope!

Under Pope John Paul II, Joseph Ratzinger led the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly known as the Inquisition. He was Dean of the College of Cardinals, the body that elects the pope.

April 2, 2005: John Paul the Second (born Karol Wojtyla May 18th, 1920) died today at the Vatican. He was in his test year (4 cycle) and barely 2 days out of his test month (March). He was inner potential number 8.

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channel: Main Monday, October 10, 2016 - 4:12pm

When you are prepared to give up everything you know to be true, then truth will come to you.    -    Colin Maxwell
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