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Understanding Cycles


It's interesting... | Aug. 15, 2013
Look what happens when a President gets elected in a year with a "0" at theend. Also notice it goes in increments of 20 years. 1840: William Henry Harrison (died in ...
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Numberology in the News | Oct. 10, 2016
2016 The 2016 presidential election is just a few weeks away. There are 4 candidates but the race appears to be between Hillary Clinton (birthdate: Oct 26th, 1947) and Donald Trump ...
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The top baby names for 2002 in Alberta are here! | Mar. 8, 2003
Top 25 Baby Names (boys/girls) 1 Ethan Emily 2 Joshua Emma 3 Matthew Madison 4 Jacob Sarah 5 Ryan Hannah 6 Logan Sydney 7 Nicholas Megan 8 Tyler Ashley 9 Dylan Taylor 10 Connor Paige 11 Daniel Samantha 12 Alexander Olivia 13 Zachary ...
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Understanding Numberology
The Meaning of the Cycle Numbers | Jul. 26, 2013
The Meaning of the Cycle Numbers in your Numerological™DayTracker Cycle 1 Start something - Action - Make decisions - Get things off the ground and leave no stone unturned. Do it ...
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Understanding The Numerological DayTracker | Mar. 6, 2003
Q. Which is more important, the cycle year, month, day, or hour? A. All are important. Use the cycle year to determine whether something is appropriate of a major nature, and ...
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edited | Jul. 8, 2013
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When you are prepared to give up everything you know to be true, then truth will come to you.    -    Colin Maxwell
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