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I even told my friends to take a look at your blog and in fact your blog is already bookmarked on my computer. Hope to see more of this. Great..

    seo india   |  January 07, 2012


a friend's friend had a baby boy at 5am on the 5th day of the 5th month and weighed in at 5 pounds 5 ounces. They are wondering if this has any signifigance or just a crazy conincidence

    brenda   |  January 07, 2012


Not sure if you are familiar with the topic of seeing 11 or 111 or 1111. I have been seeing on the clock regularly at any given time of the day or night 11 minutes after the hour. I bought a home and my mail box was number 11. I sold that home and bought another home and my address is 838. I received my new credit card with a renewal date of 0111. My doctor recommended me to a secialist whose phone number ended in 1111. This is creeping me out! What if anything do think this means? Do I need to sign up for an answer?

    REW   |  January 07, 2012


I often see 444 and I also would often wake up at that exact time. Does anyone know what that means or represents?

    Gloria   |  January 07, 2012


About eighteen months ago I started finding pennies, oky nothing unusal about that, but every time I find a penny there is ALWAYS a dime close to it. since January I have found fifteen dimes & pennies withen a eight inch to twelve inch radis of each other, any though on this?

    Judy Metts   |  January 07, 2012


I am like Gloria. Exactly! For the past two years I have subcontiously been followed by the number 11. I will look at my clock at exactly 11:11 on the dot every day it seems like. The more I try to ignore it, the more things pop up that involve the number 11. I really need to find out what it all meens.

    Mathew   |  January 07, 2012


For the past two years I have been followed by the number 11. Really any variation of 11, 111, or 1111. It seems like every day I will ignor the clock and subcontiosly keep time but when I really feel like I need to check the time it is exactly 11:11 am or pm. The more I try to ignore the number 11, the more it shows up in different places ever day. I really need to find out what this all meens.

    Matthew   |  January 07, 2012


I, like Matthew, have the number 11 show up in many aspects in my life. Expecially when looking at the clock. Can someone pleeeease tell me what significance 11 has. It is starting to freak me out.

    katie   |  January 07, 2012


I have been commenting to my friends over the past few months how I seem to look at the clock at 11:11 every day. Apparently I am not the only one. Has anyone had there questions answered on whether or not there is significance to this??

       |  January 07, 2012


Here recently I have been seeing the #3 everywhere. I just looked at the clock and it said 3:33. What does this mean?

    christy   |  January 07, 2012


Birth date: 07 NoV; 1961

Pl.comment about the currunt days

    PRADIP KUMAR SHAH   |  January 07, 2012


Valid during several mounths: I have been seeing the number 47. When I notice the number rather it be the time, billbords, licence plates, ect... there is a sistuation that accurs shortly afterwards. nine times out of ten it is something that affects me or the people around me big time: Impact: (When my car got towed it was in the parking space # 47) and i am aware of # 47 relating to chaous... Note: this is non ending it seems....the last 4-5 mounths and never fails. I need some imput very cirous???????

    devon   |  January 07, 2012


Like it seems so many. The past 9m or perhaps longer, I have seen 11:11 or 1:11 or 1/11 or 11/1, 11/11 and all sorts of variations of 111 or 1111. Can someone please tell me what this means?

    Stacia   |  January 07, 2012


This is my first time on this site. After I got on the comments page I started reading and noticed alot of people have the same question that I have. The #11 comes up everyday of my life. When i look at the clock, it always has 11 in it. When my son had brain surgery his room # was 211. The #11 pops up everywhere. What does this mean????? Please help me to understand this. What is it trying to tell me. I'm getting worried especially since my son had to have brain surgery and was in room #211. Please answer me ASAP. Thank you

    Rhonda   |  January 07, 2012


just found your site colin.last year was my test year. sure hope it will be better this year thanks for the day tracker it has been so helpful

    rosalynne brown   |  January 07, 2012


The 6 mouths the number 64 has been comming up alot. In the weather on ther clock,,in games I play page number that I need it has been apearing everywhere!!! What is this trying to tell me...

    Dawn Davidhizar   |  January 07, 2012


Firstly there is a simple explanation why the number 1, as in 1:11 or 11:11 on digital clocks, seems to be noticed more frequently than other numbers. It has to do with the fact that there are 12 hours in our time system. 12 in the am and 12 in the pm. 1:11 will appear twice every 12 hours: as in 1:11 and 11:11, however 4:44 will only appear once every 12 hours. Now 2:22 will appear twice, but in the form of 2:22 and 12:22 (but not 22:22 unless you are using the 24 hours clock system). However 12:22 does not have the repeating number (2 in this case) that the number 11:11 (repetition of 1's).

Having said all that, numbers do also appear for a reason having to do with the numerological energy of the number and the principle of synchronicity. To paraphrase Sigmund Freud on dream interpretation, 'A number is sometimes just a number' (Freud said 'A cigar (in a a dream) is sometimes just a cigar')

More on these things later.
P.S. After I posted this explanation I glanced at the clock on my computer. It was 11:11am!

P.S.2 I opened my email program and there are 111 items in my inbox and 11 items in my junk email folder!

    Colin Maxwell   |  January 07, 2012


I read the help and cycle and was very much interested in understanding it, but it cut off and I cannot get it back. What am I doing wrong?

    Alice   |  January 07, 2012


Thank - You Colin, I phoned earlier today to let you know how I started out,
we spoke this morning about the modifier... just to refresh your memory I asked if it meant would today be a good day to win if I played the lottery
and you commented better chance today if any. ( today being a 3 cycle w/ 8
modifier) Well I'm not one for winning anything but I played some scratch
tickets and won $10 at first and another $7 the second try. This stuff is
amazing, and one day I will be ready to win an even larger amount. Thanks
again Colin, talk to you soon. Yours truly Jody

    Jody   |  January 07, 2012


My wife Susan and I both have been noticing some numbers constantly showing up in our every day lives. We wake up at certain times, seeing the same numbers on the clock, on receipts, on totals, change at registers, in pocket, on our check stubs. We are both wondering if someone out there could give us some kind of explanation, we would really appreciate it, thank you.

    Phil Donahue   |  January 07, 2012


hi in your web page

    Diana Meijere   |  January 07, 2012


hi i would just like to say that this is a cool site to go to and i hope to here form you soon.

    Amber shaw   |  January 07, 2012


I have read some comments that have been posted on your site about people who see the same numbers on clocks all the time eg. 5:55. I have had the some experience and was wondering if you could shed some light. Does it have any meaning at all or is it just one of those things that seem to happen. I is becoming more frequent and is really starting to frustrate me because I feel like I am meant to know why. I would really appreciate any help you might be able to offer.
Thankyou for your time.

    michelle   |  January 07, 2012


What is the significants to the number seven?

    kimberly   |  January 07, 2012


Hi, I am writing for my mom. She sees numbers everywhere. For some reason sometimes she get these numbers in her head, and she has to play them in the lottery. Well the next day they come out, but she always misses it by one. It happens to her at least once a week. She has this ability to pick up numbers. And according to her calculations, she would would be $200,000 richer this year, if she had won at every time she had played the lottery for the numbers that she misses. She and I have decided to look into numberology to find out how to keep this under control, but we don't know exactly what we are looking for. I was wondering if you could help, or if there is some kind of explanation for all of these phenomena. Thanks. Sophia

    Sophia   |  January 07, 2012


HELLO! OK, I have a question. I see the number 111 everywhere. It is always part of what im doing whether its the freeway im driving on or the number on my reciept. it was my locker number in highschool. my number for my miss florida padgent. i see it a lot... i was just wondering u you could tell me if it could be a sign of some sort. if you could answer me that it would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

    Alicia   |  January 07, 2012


I as well as Alicia, see the number 11 everywhere I go. I only started seeing it after my cousin told my brother that he saw the number everywhere and then my brother told me. Is it a curse? I was just wondering if Alicia got an answer and I would really like to know why I see this number.

    Matt   |  January 07, 2012


That was a typo by the way, I meant to say 111.

    Matt   |  January 07, 2012


I dig the web page, interesting stuff.

    chris malanchen   |  January 07, 2012


Hi, at least 4 to 5 times a day when I look at the time, it shows the 11th minute of the our. The most common hours are 7:11, 8:11, 9:11, 11:11,
4:11 and every ounce and a while I will see the others. can you tell me if their is any significants to this?

    Anthony   |  January 07, 2012


Hi, could someone please tell me what 20:20 on a clock means? I see it almost every night!

    Kerry   |  January 07, 2012


Kerry the number 20 can mean of many things pertaining to how your life is right now... maybe your not balanced or maybe your feeling more intuition. 20 stands for emotional problems, over sensitivity, being vulnerable to critism, and showing weakness when challenges are brought forth to you. Or you could be feeling alot within yourself and paying attention to it... maybe by seeing this time and paying attention to the time, it will show you what areas need to be worked on in your life

    Amanda Bailey   |  January 07, 2012


i would like to know how to get next four numbers out of 4301 thank u,se

    se   |  January 07, 2012


I would love to know what nubers are lucky for me. So far I can't tell if any really are.

    Peggy   |  January 07, 2012



    JANINE   |  January 07, 2012


kash main tum sea mil sakta

    asif_shiekh shiekh   |  January 07, 2012


we are not alone. i see the number 4:44 everyday. and i am so scared.

    Lauren   |  January 07, 2012


i dont know what it means buu i am scared i am seeing 623 i really want to know what it means

    starr   |  January 07, 2012


i dont know what it means but i am scared i am seeing 623 i really want to know what it means

    starr   |  January 07, 2012


I see the number 1229 all the time on clocks. It is my middle daughters birthday and I am scared that somethings going to happen to her. Could someone please tell me why I see it.

    Lisa   |  January 07, 2012


I see 111 a lot. I'm not superstitious,but often feel it has meaning. I was surprised to see other people see it as well. Any insight?-cool web site.

    matt nappo   |  January 07, 2012


iam little confused with cycle year numberology,as i believe in numberology thre is only 8 numbers as per the alphabet and in cycle year there is 9 digits .pls let me know what will year 2005 cycle willbe for me.I did when scan on your cycle year periods given on web but it is until 2003 year only, pls you u can upgrate this too.

    oliver trinidade   |  January 07, 2012


after calculating, I got tmy number as anindita banerjee VCT: 966
may I know what is the significant of that ?

    anindita banerjee   |  January 07, 2012


I entered my personal info and the birthdate is wrong and it won't let me change it...911

    kari holland   |  January 07, 2012


hi i want change(modify) my name, my brith date Aug 8th 1982,plz correct and lauky name give me

    PAruna selvaraman   |  January 07, 2012


hi can u please tell me when will i get married and with whom

       |  January 07, 2012


hi can u plz tell me when will i get married and with whom

    nida   |  January 07, 2012


my financial positon is very low in which time in better stage

    rajender   |  January 07, 2012


Louise, one of my clients came in today and bought one of The Numerological DayTracker's. She came in a few days ago and wanted to know when the best time would be to go and play the slot machines. I gave her the hours and day (from the info in the DayTracker). She was quite happy, she won several hundred dollars!

    Colin Maxwell   |  January 07, 2012


I recently had a look at the birth dates of some nuns in a convent. Three times as many had the Inner Potential number 9 compared to the other numbers. The number 9 represents the Humanitarian/Specialist.

    Colin Maxwelll   |  January 07, 2012


Welcome to Numberology.com. Pleaes feel free to create a new user account and check out the different numerological calculators etc.

    Colin Maxwell   |  January 07, 2012


Hey buddy I've really enjoyed reading up your post I've found them really interesting

    lawyer marketing   |  October 22, 2011


When you are prepared to give up everything you know to be true, then truth will come to you.    -    Colin Maxwell
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