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Media List - Colin Maxwell
Media Interviews with Colin Maxwell

Colin has done hundreds of TV, Radio, & Newspaper interviews and articles since 1983, and hosted many shows. He has also hosted and appeared at many seminars. A partial listing appears below.

Date Media Source Topic
Dec 31st 2002 Live call in radio show "Saskachewan Talks with Murray Wood", CJME and CKOM in Regina and Saskatchewan. The coming year 2003
Jan 30th 2001 Videon TV: "By The Numbers" with Ron Rimmer. Tuesday 3pm to 5pm, and over the next few weeks. Numberology.
Jan 18 2000 Videon TV: "Weird Science" with Todd James. Tuesday 6pm to ..
Nov 16 1999 Videon TV: The Edge with interviewer Todd James. Interview about numerology and the new millennium. Shown 10 times in the following 2 weeks. Photo
Oct 1 1999 Edmonton Sun, p16 Gretzky Why Wayne Gretzky chose number 99.
Sept 9 1999 Edmonton Journal, B4 The significance of 9/9/99
Aug 13 1999 A-Channel News Friday 13th, Triskaidekaphobia
1997 Access TV, Hotline Interviewer Peter Hill, What is Numerology?
Feb 1 1991 Shaw Cable TV Colin & Agnnes explaining Numerology and the Aura
1988 96 K-Lite, with Grant Ainsley Successfully predicted Wayne Gretzky would get married this year.
1987 96 K-Lite Radio, with Grant Ainsley Phone-in talk show, Numerology
Dec 28 1986 Edmonton Journal, Leslie Francis Will Wayne Grezky tie the knot? Successfully predicted that he would not.
1986 630 CHED AM Radio Numerology
1985 CFRN TV, In Touch, hosted by Colin Maxwell Interviewed guests, and phone-in questions (photo) (photo2) (photo3) (audition for On-Line)
1985 QCTV, Second Sight with Keira Mahony Phone-in talk show (photo)
1983 MTV 4 Toronto, with Anne Martin Numerology
1983 CKXM FM Radio, Bob MacLean Show  
1983- ITV, Good, Good Morning with Lorraine Mansbridge Phone-in talk show (photo)
1983- CFRN AM Radio, Dick MacLean Phone-in talk show
1983 CFRN TV, Ted Barris Show Numerology, Phone-in show (photo)


When you are prepared to give up everything you know to be true, then truth will come to you.    -    Colin Maxwell
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