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Colin Maxwell

Colin Maxwell BSc, BA

A New Numerology


Countdown: if you use the Gregorian Calendar. In the Chinese Lunar Calendar; the Year of the Ram (year 4700) starts February 1, 2003. For Vietnamese it is the Year of the Goat.

‘...numbers are the thoughts of God ... The Divine Wisdom is reflected in the numbers impressed on all things ... the construction of the physical and moral world alike is based on eternal numbers.’
- St. Augustine

Colin Maxwell is a graduate of Southampton University, England, obtaining his Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, and has recently obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree (with distinction) in Psychology from the University of Alberta, Canada. He has also held various teaching, research, and managerial positions in England, Canada, and the United States. Colin’s interest in the study of mathematics as applied to mind was originally sparked when he was director of the Shiloh Research Centre in Iowa producing a mathematically restored translation of the Bible from the original ancient languages. In 1984 Colin co-founded Triune-Being Research Organization Ltd. with Dr. Agnnes Kraweck, the originator of the “Aura for Health” wellness program.

"To grow spiritually one must be prepared to give up everything one holds to be true." - Colin Maxwell

Colin has lectured, appeared on and hosted radio and television programs, across North America explaining the mathematical principle and its relevance to all aspects of life. He is also involved in collecting research data which has already confirmed how the influence of numbers plays an essential role in our lives. Colin has also been involved in the local community and was recently president of a non-profit community sports organization.

TV interview with Colin Maxwell

Subject: Numberology

The Ian & Claire Show part one

To view a Windows Media Video (.wmv) clip of the interview, click the play button at left (you may be asked to download a wmv plug-in) or click this link to view in your own media player.


When you are prepared to give up everything you know to be true, then truth will come to you.    -    Colin Maxwell
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