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The top baby names for 2002 in Alberta are here!

Top 25 Baby Names (boys/girls)

1 Ethan Emily

2 Joshua Emma

3 Matthew Madison

4 Jacob Sarah

5 Ryan Hannah

6 Logan Sydney

7 Nicholas Megan

8 Tyler Ashley

9 Dylan Taylor

10 Connor Paige

11 Daniel Samantha

12 Alexander Olivia

13 Zachary Jessica

14 William Hailey

15 Kyle Grace

16 Liam Mackenzie

17 Noah Kaitlyn

18 Nathan Abigail

19 Benjamin Isabella

20 Cole Jenna

21 Brandon Chloe

22 Austin Alyssa

23 Michael Lauren

24 Aidan Julia

25 Justin Brooklyn

The complete list of baby names for 2002 in Alberta are here!

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