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December 26th, 2004: An earthquake of magnitude 9 or more happened off the coast of Indonesia today. It created a massive Tsunami (so called 'tidal wave') that killed an estimated 300 thousand in the countries surrounding the area. Most of the dead came from the area around Banda Aceh in Indonesia. This event also triggered massive aid donations form countries around the globe. An estimated 30 billion dollars US has been pledged. This is the largest aid package of its kind. 2005 is an 8 cycle year so money is a key note for 2005.

November 3, 2004: The US Presidential race is over and George W. Bush has been re-elected as President as predicted below (see October 25th, 2004). It is amazing what a 2 cycle year can do for your popularity. Also announced today is the confirmed election as President of Afghanistan of Hamid Karzai (name 38/2, b. Dec 24, 1957, 7 cycle year in 2004), the current interim President. Now that he is the first democratically elected leader in Afghanistan's history, he may reveal a stronger hand (albeit in a velvet glove) in running his nation.

October 25th, 2004: The US Presidential election is neck and neck for George W. Bush (b. July 6, 1946, 2 cycle year in 2004) and John Kerry (Dec 11, 1943, 3 cycle year in 2004). A very good year for Bush to get reelected, especially given the difficult state of affairs in Iraq. The year could end with a disappointment for Kerry. The US (b. July 4, 1776, 9 cycle year in 2004) As I predicted last year, this year 2004 has been more chaotic for the US, not only with the situation in Iraq, but also the number of natural disasters, eg 4 hurricanes in a row in the South East of the US. The year is not yet over and the US will be in a test month in November, the time of the election - "hanging chads" anyone?

Note: George W. Bush should drop the "W". His name is a more successful and less pig-headed 8 vibration without it. With the "W" it is a 4 vibration - good for staying the course - but where is that course taking the USA and the world!

October 25th, 2004: Ralph Klein (b. Nov 1, 1942), Premier of Alberta, announced the date of the Provincial Election today. He is aiming for a fourth term as Premier. He is in a new 1 cycle year in 2004, and it is both a good cycle year and month for him to have an election.

October 18th, 2004: A new mayor for Edmonton! Bill Smith is out after 3 terms, and Stephen Mandel (name 73/1, b. July 18, 1945, cycle year 5 in 2004) comes from behind to beat the 2 favourites Bill Smith and Robert Noce. Mandel's inner potential number is an 8 so expect a business approach to running city hall.

June 29, 2004: Canadian awoke today to a Minority Government headed by the new Liberal leader Paul Martin (b. August 28, 1938, 7 cycle year in 2004). He should have waited until after July 1st to call an election, it would have been a more positive time to get relected with a majority government. When all the votes were counted, the Liberals had elected 135 members to Parliament, the Conservatives 99, the NDP 19, the Bloc Québécois 54, and one seat went to an Independent. Paul Martin's name is an 8 vibration, and has given him much long term success in both politics and business. He owns Canada's largest shipping company.

December 13, 2003: Saddam Hussein (born April 28, 1937) is captured in a small pit by Coalition Forces near Tikrit, Iraq. Saddam is in a 9 cycle month (endings) in a 2 cycle year.

December 12, 2003: Paul Martin (born Aug 28, 1938) becomes Canada's 21st Prime Minister. He also won the Libertal leadership convention this month, an 8 (reward month) cycle month for him in a 6 cycle year. His name combination is also an 8 vibration.

December 12, 2003: Jean Chretien (born January 11, 1934), Prime Minister of Canada for 10 years, and an MP for 40 years retires in his 9 cycle year (endings).

October 7, 2003: Arnold Schwarzenegger (born July 30, 1947) becomes Governor Elect of the State of California. Governor Gray Davis (born Dec 26, 1942) lost the recall election, and Schwarzenegger came out ahead of all the other candidates running for Governor. October is Schwarzenegger's 8 cycle month (rewards).

2003 September: Canada which is in its 5 cycle year has definately being going through a challenging time. The economy is still good and the dollar still rising against other currencies despite Mad Cow Disease and blocked exports to the US and other countries, the worst black-out in history, SARS, and the softwood lumber dispute with the US.

2003: It is a 6 cycle year for the world. Expect a little more stability generally this year, in all areas. It will be worrisome, but the extreme weather should settle down and the political situation should be settled more favourably for all. Debt issues will surface for many developing countries, and will have to renegotiated. The USA is in an 8 cycle year (their) reward year, so they will generally get what they want. However it is also a time to reap from all endeavours of the past 8 years - A time to reap what one sows! They should use their power wisely.

2003: For Canada it is a 5 cycle year, a time of change, growth, and new experiences. Canada will be a little bolder this year in foreign affairs, and the economy should continue to expand for the next 4 years. One troubling note is the signing of the Kyoto accord, in Dec 2002 last year. It was both a test year (4 cycle) and a test month, so it could cause unexpected problems for the next 4 years unless it is modified or ignored.

2003: Jean Chretien, Prime Minister of Canada has said he will retire in February 2004. Somehow I don't think he will make it that far. It is his 9 cycle year in 2003 and he may be gone by the middle of the year. I don't think he will have the stamina to continue any longer. This year is the natural time for him to retire, it is his year of rest.

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