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1995: United States of America Born July 4th, 1776 Cycle Year in 1995: 9 The republicans have taken over the House of Representatives for the first time in forty years. There are high hopes for this revolution, however they will be shattered very quickly. The 9 cycle year is a time to reflect upon changes but to delay implementation until the 1 cycle year (1996). Much of what the republicans do will be undone, or have to be redone. Expect much turbulence in US affairs this year (1995). Newt Gingrich Born June 17th, 1943. Cycle Year in 1996: 4 (Test) The Speaker of the House will have a rougher ride this year (1996). He will be unlikely to live up to his promises of last year when he became Speaker (his 3 cycle - starts with promise). (News update: June 1996 - Newt's popularity has plummeted this year.)

1995: US Stock Market 1995 has been a banner year, with stock prices rising dramatically. Unfortunately 1995 is a 9 cycle year for the US, so expect a dramatic adjustment downward starting in 1996. 1995: Shimon Peres Born August 16th, 1923. Cycle Year 1995: 4. Inner Potential #3. Peres took over as prime minister of Israel on Rabin's death. Peres is in his test year(4) in 1995, so this could be short lived, or unproductive for him. (News Update: June 96. Peres lost the election for prime minister to Benjamin Netanyahu by a slim margin.) November 4th, 1995: Yitzhak Rabin Prime Minister of Israel. Born March 1st 1922, assassinated at a peace rally. Inner Potential #9. Cycle year 2 in 1995. Elected in his 8 cycle year.

October 30th, 1995: Quebec referendum on separation. Quebec narrowly votes Non. Quebec premier Jacques Parizeau (b. Aug 9 1930) resigns the following day, Lucien Bouchard considers taking over. The current Liberal government of Canada was elected in Canada's test year (1993), and has been criticized for almost losing the country by not taking the referendum seriously. (update 95: Lucien Bouchard becomes Premier of Quebec)

August 1995: Brian Smith, popular sportscaster in Ottawa was shot dead in an apparently random act of violence by a man upset with the media. Brian Smith is a 5 destiny name and prone to accidents or being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

1995: Jan Reimer Born May 23rd, 1952. Jan is currently mayor of Edmonton and is running for re-election in October. This is her 8 cycle year(1995), her reward year, and so is likely to win another term. Both Ralph Klein (Alberta premier) and Jean Chretien (Canada's prime minister) were both in their 8 cycle years when they were elected. (News update: Jan lost by a very slim margin to Bill Smith - cycle unknown. I met Jan just before the election, and I'm not sure she wanted to win. She seemed worn out.)

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