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November 14th, 1998: Michel Trudeau, son of former Primer Minister Pierre Trudeau, died in an avalanche while skiing in BC. He was born Oct 2, 1975 (Inner Potential number 7). His name is a '5' vibration (accident prone) and he was in a 4 cycle year (test) in 1998.

November 1st, 1998: Lucien Bouchard is in his 8 cycle year in 1998, when he called an election in Quebec for November 30th. This still gives him an edge over Jean Charest, the Liberal party leader, who is his 4 cycle year in 1998. Should Jean Charest win the election, it would still indicate a less than auspicious term in office. Just as Bill Clinton’s election in his 4 cycle year for his first term has resulted in impeachment hearings for him because of the scandal with Monica Lewinsky etc. In this case Jean Charest may do well to loose the election. Note: At the time this article was written (one month before the election), both parties were neck and neck in the polls. October 1998: Yevgeni Primakov appointed Prime Minister of Russia. He is in a 4 cycle year in 1998. Not a good outlook for his tenure as PM.

Aug 29th, 1998: The Dow Jones has its second largest drop in history. Any gains of 1998 have now been wiped out. The market reached its peak on July 17th, just one day before the test period begins for the US. Next year 1999 is the 4 cycle year (test year) for the US. Almost all recessions and depressions have been when either the US or the world has been in a 4 cycle year. February 1998: The Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Canada is once more embroiled in a drug fiasco. This time with snow boarding gold winner Ross Rabagliati (born July 14th 1971). He has been tested positive for marijuana and been asked to return his gold medal. An appeal is in process. Canada is in its test(4) month in a 9 cycle year. Ross is in his test year(4). February 1998: Ross succeeds in his appeal, and gets to keep his gold medal, his reputation tarnished for some, but enhanced for others.

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