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December 13th, 2000: After weeks of uncertainty, many court decisions, George W. Bush finally becomes President-Elect when Al Gore concedes.

November 27th, 2000 Jean Chretien wins a third majority government for the Liberal party. Prime Minister Chretien is in his 6 cycle year and seven cycle month. Runner-up Stockwell Day fails to make any major breakthrough in Ontario. Leader of the Opposition Stockwell Day is in his 9 cycle year, a particularly difficult cycle for Canadian poititcians.

November 7th, 2000: Too Close to Call! The 2000 US Presidential Election between the current democratic VP Al Gore (born Mar 31, 1948, 1 cycle year in 2000) and current Texas Governor George W. Bush (born July 6, 1946, 7 cycle year in 2000). In a recent article for Mosaic Magazine I predicted that both major candidates were in good cycles and I could not predict a clear winner. My only comment was that Al Gore would have slightly increasing chances of success in November and George W. Bush would have slightly less chance of success. The result is still unknown (as of November 19th, 2000).

October 6th, 2000: Marty McSorley found guilty of assault with a weapon, but given a suspended sentence. (See March 2000 below)

Sept 28th, 2000. Pierre Elliott Trudeau (born Oct 18, 1919) died today 3pm ET. The former Prime Minister of Canada died of complications resulting from his Parkinson's Disease and prostate cancer. This is his test year (4 cycle year).

Sept 2000. Lisa Anderson is killed by her ex-husband when she returns to her apartment at noon for a lunch break. Both Lisa and Lisa Anderson are 5 vibration names attracting instability and conflict.

July 8 2000. In his 9 cycle year, Stockwell Day (336) becomes the first elected leader of the new Canadian Alliance Party (formerly the Reform Party), beating founder Preston Manning (358, 1 cycle year in 2000) in a run-off vote. Day was born August 16, 1950 (Inner Potential number 3, Water group). As Stockwell day is in his 9 cycle year, his star may never be quite so bright again.

June 1 2000: Synchronicity - Serendipity - Coincidence? Last week I finished the on-line calculator that calculates number values of Koine Greek words and phrases (Greek Numerology - the system that is in the New Testament) including the number of the beast (the anti-christ) 666 and the name Jesus in Greek 888. I bought a new digital camera today in an 8 cycle hour, 8 cycle day, and 8 cycle month. The 8 cycle is good for making purchases and getting a good deal. In fact today the camera price was just reduced by $100. It was also the last camera that had 20MB of memory, all the others which were at the same price, only had 8MB. What did the total bill come to? $888!

May 2000: What's in a name? Enrique Iglesias is the best-selling Latin recording artist in the world. His first two alums sold more than 10 million copies. His name totals to a successful 8 vibration. (VCT=178) Calculate his name or any other using our new on-line name calculator (and cycle year calculator).

May 2000: Cirque Du Soleil - the most successful circus performing act! Now on an 81ft high IMAX screen. Vibration 448.

March 2000: It looks like the 2000 US Presidential Election will be between the current democratic VP Al Gore (born Mar 31, 1948, 1 cycle year in 2000) and current Texas Governor George W. Bush (born July 6, 1946, 7 cycle year in 2000). They beat contenders Bill Bradley (2 cycle year in 2000) and John McCain (4 cycle year in 2000) respectively.

March 2000: The Jon-Benet Ramsey murder case has still not been solved. The 6 year old girl was found strangled on Dec 26, 1996 by her parents in their home. Jon-Benet was born Aug 6, 1990; she was in a test month and a test year when she was killed.

March 2000: Marty McSorley of the Boston Bruins has been charged with Assault With A Weapon, against an opposing hockey player, causing a concussion. Marty had said he only wanted to fight him - not hit him in the head with his stick! The name Marty is a 14/5 vibration and prone to uncontrolled physical aggression. Two months ago, a client was beaten by his landlord in Vancouver so badly, he lost an eye. The landlord's name was also a 14/5 vibration: he continued kicking his tenant in the head even while the tenant was crawling on his hands and knees trying to get back into his house and pleading for mercy.

February 2000: Alberta's New Democrat leader Pam Barrett resigns after having an NDE (near-death experience) after an adverse reaction at the dentists. Pam was born Nov 26, 1953, her inner potential number is 1 (leader, pioneer) and she is in her test year (4), where weaknesses are exposed. Pam took over the leadership 4 years ago in her 9 cycle year. The 9 represents endings not beginnings, and usually leads to burn-out: Pam also had a six-week stress leave last year. The inner potential number 1 is a survivor, most would not have lasted this long. Former Prime Ministers John Turner and Canada's first woman Prime Minister Kim Campbell both became Prime Minister in their 9 cycle years and neither lasted as PM even a year.

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