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June 12th, 1994: OJ SIMPSON Born July 9th, 1947. Inner Potential #: 1 Cycle Year in 1994: 4 (Test Year) OJ's wife and a male friend were murdered, and OJ was charged with the murders. OJ certainly has a test to overcome if he is found guilty. It is interesting to note that OJ is currently in his second minor lesson (9 - ages 27-54), and the combination of this with his inner potential number of 1 indicates intense physical energy combined with emotional energy. Violent and uncontrollable outbursts are linked with this combination. (News update: OJ was acquitted Oct 95. This is his test month, his problems are not over yet.

June 1994: Nick Leeson and his Billion Dollar Gamble Nick Leeson was a broker for Barings Bank, a prestigious and old British Bank, and banker to the Queen of England. His is currently under investigation for causing the collapse of the Bank, by illegally trading on the Japanese Stock Market. He used a secret account, number 88888 to make these trades. The number 8 in Asia is considered lucky, just as numerologically it represents rewards, and one would think that five 8's would be quintessentially lucky. However 5x8=40, and 4+0=4, and 4 represents the test, or time when weaknesses are exposed. OJ is experiencing this and now so is Nick Leeson.

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