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October 1997: Update: Canada's foreign minister led the way in convincing most of the world's countries to support the landmine ban. Economically growth has been the highest of the developed nations. May 1997: Bre-X Minerals Ltd How the mighty have fallen! The stock price of this Canadian gold exploration company reached into the hundreds of dollars. Now it is back to pennies. The name of the company is a '5' vibration. All '5' vibration companies are unstable. This one also had deception as a negative energy in the vowels of the name.

August 31st, 1997: Princess Diana (born July 1st, 1961) dies at age 36. This was a test day for Princess Di, however it was also an 8 cycle year. This year was meant to bring her the rewards of the past 8 years of effort and desire. Diana certainly wanted desperately to be loved and it seems that she had found her new love in her companion Dodi Al Fayed. However, Diana also tried to commit suicide several times, so there was also some kind of death-wish. This perhaps unresolved desire could also have been the catalyst for the events in the Paris tunnel that night. Dodi Al Fayed (birthdate unknown) has a 5 destiny name. This can be accident prone, see the other influences below. Princess Diana by her death in this manner joins JFK, Marilyn Monroe, and Evita Peron, who were also inner potential number 7, and who also met untimely tragic deaths, with the loss felt by millions around the world. 1997: A 9 cycle year for the world. The outpouring of grief has caught everyone by surprise. The nature of the 9 cycle is to let go. It seems that people are also allowing their own suffering or burdens to be expressed and discharged. A 9 cycle is the best time to do this, as long as other negative energies like resentment and anger such as that focussed on the paparazzi is not allowed to colour and contaminate one's thoughts.

November 1996: So far still a good year for the stock market. The danger of overheating is still possible with a consequent melt-down. (October 27th, 1997)Update: The largest point loss in history on the New York stock exchange and most of the other exchanges around the world. The world is in its 9 cycle year and entered its test cycle on the 18th of October.

November 1996: Canada 8 cycle year in 1997. This is likely to be an exceptionally good year economically for Canada. Expect rising stocks and value of Canadian Dollar. This would also be a good time to negotiate any international contracts, and to play an influential role in international affairs.

November 5th, 1996: US Presidential Election Clinton wins (8 cycle year) with 50% of popular vote, against Bob Dole (1 cycle year). June 1995: Christopher Reeve Born September 25th, 1952 This month was not a good one for Superman. He had a horse riding accident and may be left paralyzed. This was in his test period (May(3/8) and June 4/9), indicating caution in all activities. Also Christopher Reeve is a name with a 5 destiny, which is also accident prone. 1995: Edmonton's "Edmonton Queen", the Saskatchewan River paddle boat may yet get off the ground and into the water. It has been plagued with ownership problems and been in dry dock for the past 2 years. The name is a 9 destiny and subject to losses and endings. The original owners were sued for cost over-runs by the builders, and the new owners have been entangled with legal and other problems.

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