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November 1999: Pokemon the movie is now out, and becomes the most popular cartoon ever released. Pokemon has already captured the imagination and pocketbooks of millions of card collecting children. The name Pokemon has the same vibration as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, & Scrabble, three other extremely successful and popular games. Go to the key chart area on this site and find which number for yourself.

Oct 31st 1999: Canadian Greg Moore dies in race car accident in the last race of the season. He was in a 5 cycle month with a 4 (test) modifier. This month as well as a 4 month with a 5 modifier are the most dangerous for travel. There is the tendency to rush or be impulsive when test conditions are prevailing.

Oct 25th 1999: Payne Stewart, (born Jan 30, 1957) US Open Golf Champion, died when the Lear Jet he was in, crashed in a farmers field after a 4 hour flight with no one at the controls. His name is a '5' vibration and therefore accident prone.

Oct 1999: Abdurrahman Wahid (aka Gus Dur) born Aug 4, 1940, becomes Indonesia's first democratically elected President. This is his 5 cycle year, although October is a 4 cycle month (test). His failing health may lead to the new Vice-President Megawati Sukarnoputri (born Jan 23 1947), daughter of Indonesia's first President Sukarno, becoming President in the next five years. She is in an 8 cycle year (rewards) this year.

Sept 15th, 1999: The largest evacuation in US history takes place in anticipation of tropical storm 'Floyd'. The US is still in a 4 cycle year, its test year.

1999 Nelson Mandela resigns as President of South Africa. He is in a 9 cycle year and its a perfect time to retire.

September 3rd, 1999: Canada's worst highway traffic accident occurred near Windsor, Ontario at 8am. 64 vehicles were involved and at least 7 dead. It is Canada's test month, but probably more important the accident occurred on Highway 401, often referred to as the 'Killer Highway'. '401' is a '5' vibration and more suitable for a race track not a public highway number.

July 16th, 1999: John F. Kennedy Jr, his wife, and her sister presumed dead. His plane apparently crashed into the sea. JFK Jr born Nov 25 1960. 1999 was a 2 cycle year, and July was his test month. June 1999: After a peace agreement, the air war stops and the Serb forces withdraw from Kosovo, and NATO and Russian forces move in. The hundreds of thousands of Kosovo refugees move back to find a devastated countryside, and most of their homes burned to the ground.

March 1999: NATO with the US in the lead starts bombing Serbian forces in Serbia and Kosovo. The US is in a test month (4 cycle) and in a test year (4 cycle). As usual anything started in a test cycle is unlikely to succeed. The aim of air intervention was to stop "ethnic cleansing" in the predominantly Albanian Kosovo. The result in the first week of bombing has been the intensified expulsion of many hundreds of thousands of Kosovars from their homes, and the burning of their homes by Serb forces behind them. Support for Slobodan Milosevic, the Serbian President appears to have increased not decreased.

March 29th, 1999: The DOW Jones Index closes above 10,000 for the first time. The US is in its test year (4 cycle), and this is not relative to major growth. This could indicate the potential for a major downturn, which many feel is long overdue.

March 1999: OK you've heard enough about Monica Lewinsky (July 23 1973), but she is finally getting on with her life. She is now out of her test year (4 cycle year, last year 1998 when all the problems arose), and is now promoting her book etc to make some money to pay the millions of dollars in legal bills she incurred.

Feb 1999: Although President Clinton was only the second President to be impeached, he was finally acquitted of both charges brought against him, February is his 8 cycle month, a reward month. President Clinton was originally elected in his 4 (test) cycle year in 1992, so although he remains very popular, his record as President is tarnished.

Feb 7th, 1999: King Hussein of Jordan died today. The King was born November 14th 1935 (IP#7) and died in his 9 cycle year in his test (4 cycle) month. His son Abdullah, by a previous marriage is now King.

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